In tough times, superheroes band together to fight a common enemy. We've seen many examples of the power of groups and togetherness across business and media over the last decade. Now more than ever, we must leverage that power.

To do that, 
MyGuestlist and Sprout have launched Australia's largest collaborative venue marketing campaign allowing venues to join forces, share, market and cross-promote to their collective subscriber audiences through email, SMS and social media.

How does it work?

Project Unity has simple, friendly terms in its play-book
We curate and help match you with other allied venues or businesses which share a similar market ethos.

Join forces with other venues and market together to reach 5x the audience







Register your interest and participate in Project Unity

The Terms

We do not take any cuts, commissions or transaction fees.
Your data is yours. We do not own or co-own it.
Allied venues leverage your audience.
You leverage theirs.
Nobody sees or has access to anybody else's data.
There are no lock-in contracts.

The Costs

Free for MyGuestlist users.
$5 per week for all others to cover admin costs.

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Your collective audiences across your database/subscriber lists and social channels are discretely aggregated and pooled by our team.
Everybody leverages each other's audience whilst keeping their own branding. Nobody sees an allied venues' audience. A truly #inthistogether campaign.
Each participating venue shares their audience and has audiences shared with them. MyGuestlist helps with the details of quality, size and accurate audience match-making.


We construct five separate unique, branded campaigns for your audiences, including the offers of your allied venues.

All offers and terms are set by the participating venues for themselves. Nobody dictates what you should or shouldn't offer or at what price.

The Campaigns